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Cornerstone Assembly of God

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 Pastor Mike Channing

 Associate Pastor Curt Thomassen

Doing the Unexpected

Read 1 Chronicles 23:1 through 26:32; John 6:1–24

Kris was in stage four cancer. He had gone through chemo, radiation, and surgery to no avail. He had been prayed over at church every Sunday for six months. He kept expecting God to work a miracle, but nothing seemed to happen. Then he met a Christian naturopathic doctor who encouraged him to try alternative medicine. Kris began to see his cancer shrink. God was working a miracle in a way Kris never would have expected.

When they had rowed about three or four miles, they saw Jesus approaching the boat, walking on the water; and they were frightened (John 6:19).

Imagine the disciples’ surprise when they saw Jesus walking on water. Jesus was doing something they had never seen before.

The all-powerful God can do anything. So, Christians should not be surprised when He works in unexpected ways. It may be scary. It may feel strange, but it will almost certainly be amazing. Remembering all the impossible things God has done should give Christians hope. God may work in a way we would never expect.

Prayer for Today: Thank You, Lord, for being a God who does things I can’t even imagine.

Quicklook: John 6:16–24

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